About the Author

Dr. Angelo O. Subida is a psychotherapist, writer, speaker, and chess psychologist. He has appeared as an expert on national TV /radio media, including CNN, ABS-CBN, TV5, GMA7, UNTV, 700 Club, InquirerRadio, among others.

Dr. Subida holds advanced academic degrees in psychology, counseling, and missiology. He is a former professor in graduate school/college, minister, chess champion, and journalist.

He is the author of other books, aside from “Secrets of Your Self,” including “Life’s #1 Question,” “Emotional First Aid, ”Depression Natural Cure,” “God’s Inner Healing, and “Chess and Life.” He also writes blogs, articles, courses, and other resources on self help and development.   

Dr. Subida is a pioneering psychotherapist, counselor, and life coach with the passion to bring integrative psychology, natural medicine, and spirituality into the heart of daily life.

As a revolutionary healing guy, he sees individuals, couples, families or groups, OFWs – whether online or face-to-face – to help turn damaged selves into beautiful art. 

The world is Dr. Subida’s clinic. He is location-independent … not bound by physical place, unnatural or drug-based traditional approaches.

Individuals, couples, and families from the Philippines as well as various countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Spain, Canada, Indonesia, India, China, Denmark, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Armenia, Egypt, Pakistan, Dubai, among others, have engaged Dr. Subida in the therapy session, onsite and online.

Dr. Subida uses natural live-site approaches, bibliotherapy, chess therapy, creative writing or art, and integrative, holistic psychotherapy in his work.

He plays chess reliving his champion days to look serious. And … walks a lot, shoots a basket, or jokes to get dangerous. 

He likes eating dark chocolates to feel more loved and taking apple cider to stay longer as a “wounded healer.”

He loves writing, and intends to continue writing about love, hope, and faith through his books until he comes home forever.

Dr. Subida is based in Manila, Philippines, where his family and unstoppable growing kids also live.

http://www.drsubida.net http://www.drsubida.com


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